Youth Adviser to VSO International Board


VSO is the world’s leading development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. We are unique in the way we bring people together to share their skills and experience, generate insights and ideas and, most of all, take action against poverty and exclusion. It’s a highly effective approach that works, and today is helping millions of people in some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty.

As the contract holder for the overseas volunteering programme, International Citizen Service, VSO is committed to offering young people the opportunity to build their personal, professional and leadership capabilities and to supporting them in their journey as active citizens. VSO would like to invite two young people to join the VSO International Board as Youth Advisers. The International Board is responsible for the governance and setting strategic direction of VSO.


Role overview

VSO is looking for one UK Youth Adviser and one International Youth Adviser.

The Youth Advisers will:
• participate as an attendee at the quarterly VSO International Board meetings, this will include reading and preparing responses to Board Papers in advance;
• feed the thoughts, opinions and perspectives of young people from their community into the Board meetings;
• engage with their assigned Board Member for mentorship;
• engage with their community to share the Board discussions;
• share their experience of this role (e.g. blog, vlog, press release etc.) with the support of VSO staff;
• submit a short biography for the VSO website;
• attend additional events as necessary;
• respect and uphold all confidentiality and legal agreements, as outlined by VSO staff.

The Youth Advisers will not have decision making (voting), legal or fiduciary responsibilities.

The Youth Advisers will be uniquely placed to represent the youth voice and share experiences of their community. Each young person will be mentored by an experienced Member of the Board, providing exciting new opportunities to personally and professionally develop.

The Youth Advisers can:
• gain valuable insight into how a large organisation works;
• understand and develop the skills necessary to steer the strategic vision of an international development charity;
• enjoy partnering with an experienced professional as their mentee;
• gather great life experience as well as evidence for their CV;
• improve their teamwork, leadership and communication skills;
• access amazing networking opportunities.


Skills, qualifications and experience

VSO are looking for two motivated, responsible self-starters. Ideal candidates will be comfortable meeting new people and display maturity when interacting in semi-formal situations. They should be passionate about international volunteering for international development and have a strong interest in issues affecting young people.

One young person from the UK and one young person from an ICS programming country will be selected. This opportunity is only open to young people who have progressed through their ICS journey to ‘Alumni’ stage (i.e. returned from placement and completed their Action at Home). This opportunity is not open to current employees of VSO or any of the ICS agencies.

VSO welcomes applicants aged 18-26 for the UK Youth Adviser role and aged 18-30 for the International Youth Adviser role.

You will be reimbursed for travel and lunch expenses.


Closing date: 30 July 2017

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