Volunteer for NUL Research and Innovations


We have been pleased by the number of people who volunteered to help in this work up to now. However, there is still more work to do and NUL Research and Innovations need the following volunteers from among registered NUL students or willing people from outside:

1. Writers: Are you an aspiring writer? Do you wish to cover issues of research and innovation by NUL graduates, students and lecturers? Would you like your work quoted in local newspapers and other platforms including local and international Facebook pages? Are you willing to write at least ONE short story a month? Then inbox us. Please don’t volunteer if you can’t meet the last requirement, that is, ONE short story a month.

2. Editors: You are not into writing but you are willing to check the stories others have written so you can help improve them? Then inbox us.

3. Expo and conference organizers: Most people can’t wait for the upcoming March 2018 NUL International Science, Technology and Innovation Expo and Conference; you will be flabbergasted by what you will see there. More information about how you can volunteer will come later.

4. Record Keepers: As the stories of Research and Innovation unfold, and expos are held, we need two people dedicated to putting at least 5 hours a month into orderly documenting these events and the innovators behind them.

5. Photography Enthusiasts: You don’t necessarily have to be an NUL student to help with this one. We need people who are willing to share with us, the secrets of good photography ranging from which cameras to buy, to how best best shots are made.

6. Poster Stands Designers: Again, you don’t necessarily have to be an NUL student to help with this one. We challenge anyone who is willing to come up with a design for very simple and very low-cost but very professional poster stands for our upcoming expos and conferences. The simpler and the cheaper the materials used (cardbox preferred), the better. The stands must be foldable, reusable and feasible to multiply.

There is no remuneration for all the work above. However, volunteers will be rewarded with certificates at the end of the year. Plus, this is a chance to be part of the innovative and passionate team whose ONLY passion is to encourage the use of research and innovation to create jobs, nothing more, nothing less.