Travelling to learn Arts and Crafts at UNESCO


Call for applications for the programme ‘Travelling to learn Arts and Crafts’, by Fondation Culture and Diversite in partnership with UNESCO patronage of the French and under the National Commission for UNESCO.

The programme aims to enable arts and crafts students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a study tour abroad. It allows young French scholarship students nearing the end of their studies to discover the know-how of craftspeople in developing countries; and it allows students from developing countries to discover the know-how of French craftspeople.

This programme helps students launch their professional career by enabling them to work in a professional environment; acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad; design and create innovative products; develop a professional network; and participate and present their work at international fairs.


Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Level of study of at least 2 years equivalent to an Arts & Crafts Diploma,
  • Enrolled in Arts & Crafts schools/institutes/universities,
  • Recipient of scholarships and awards (and being able to give proof of it)
  • Speaking French and English.

Applicants must be students and not senior artists. Last date for submission of applications is October 20, 2017. Applications must be submitted only by email at: s.bisht(at)

Closing date: 20 October 2017

Apply here!