The Journey and Back: Our Story

When the idea of creating a classifieds website that shared daily opportunities and advertising came over a year ago, it seemed a little over-ambitious, perhaps rather fanciful. To set ourselves the task of developing an online portal from what would seem like a job board – actually smacked of downright lunacy. So, of course, we went for it.
We wanted the platform to be more than just an advertising platform filled with spammy ads and false jobs. We were also looking to push a great design with ease of access and dexterity into the wider world. With that in mind, Selibeng was born.
At a year old, we accumulate on average, 1500 daily visits to the platform. We managed to secure 1669 emails of our newsletter subscribers. We recently hit 5k Facebook likes. We do believe that numbers matter, but more than numbers, the impact we make every day is very astounding. Thanks to the emails we get from you. The testimonials on how you discovered jobs and scholarships from our listings and even secured interviews. The encouragement we receive daily about the job we’re doing.
This is what we’re about, ensuring our visitors get better each day. Every visitor should at least leave with some substance from what we offer. Looking for scholarships? Look no further. Job opportunities you say? Have a look right here. Tenders, competitions, and career advice, huh? Yep, we got you covered.
It’s funny- I don’t think we’ve actually mentioned this previously, but yes, we will certainly have enemies in the game; I think that’s a fundamental part of good gameplay. They will range from little robots that simply roam from left to right copying and pasting our content to spectacularly complex beasts that pose quite a challenge. Well it’s not like this sort of thing wasn’t ever going to happen. After all, we’re all about making the world a better place.
The rules have changed whether you like it or not. It is a brave, new and exciting world. The 21st century is about abundance and opportunity amplified by technologies that multiply your time and effort. It is about using tools that increase the velocity and reach of your ideas and brand. However, it has shown us that anyone can make a difference and leave a dent in the universe if they have the passion and purpose to start the journey.
Well it’s only been a year and that’s our story. The next blog post will share the many features of the platform and what we want to introduce or prioritize going forward.
If you had to start from scratch, what are the steps that you would take to build a platform similar to ours?