RISE Local Fellowship Program 2018- in loco, Lesotho


in loco is a residential program, which aims to complement a student’s existing learning, and is run in English. It focuses on developing students’ knowledge of buildings and helping them work with local communities and experts to help change the cities and rural villages of tomorrow.

With a cohort of 20 recently graduated Basotho students from local Architecture and
Construction Schools, as well as promoting peer-to-peer knowledge exchange with
contingents of 10 international students joining at specific times during the construction for
10 day workshops, in loco aims to create a life-changing experience for all involved.

It is a “learning-by-doing” experience in which all participants are involved in the planning, design and building, through a participatory process engaging international cohorts of students and the local community. in loco offers a real knowledge exchange experience for all involved.



Located in Sekamaneng Berea District a short 20min drive from Maseru City Centre, God’s Love Centre is a privately run orphanage that is the home for 54 children from all over Lesotho aged 2 to 20. Established in 2001 by Neo Motansi, this centre has been a welcome respite for many of the orphans and children for whom it has become home.

The tightening of Social Welfare rules dictates that when children reach the age of maturity at 18, they are no longer allowed to stay in orphanages and should return to their
home villages, where there is no employment and so very little possibility of earning a living.

Since 2009, Daniela Gusman and BOND Events have supported GLC, contributing over $15,000, towards the costs of building a septic tank, bathrooms, a new kitchen and the conversion of a shipping container into a 2 classroom pre-school. In addition, this money has also provided help towards, tuition fees for numerous children.

With the in loco project we plan to take our commitment to the next level and not only assist with the construction of a new dormitory block, but also provide invaluable entrepreneurship skills for all of those involved in the project.



  1. Challenge yourself and take part in a project focused on learning through doing, making the most of your skills in a practical hands-on approach to architecture and construction.

  2. Work alongside a team of 20 young construction, engineering and architecture Basotho graduates, and benefit from this exciting knowledge exchange program, improving your chances of employment and gaining valuable skills to start your own projects.

  3. Getting involved means not only gaining practical experience, but also mentoring from industry leading experts who will assist you in making the most of your skills and help you prepare for your professional career.

  4. Throughout the 6-month construction process there are 4 international workshops, co-hosted by a different guest international tutor and will focus on a particular design/build challenge.

  5. Meet new people and get to learn new cultures, with a cohort of 40 (10 in each workshop) like-minded international construction, engineering and architecture students from USA, Europe and Asia who will participate in the in loco program, creating an exciting and multicultural opportunity for knowledge exchange.

  6. You will be involved in the design and construction of additional dormitory rooms and bathrooms, which with directly benefit 54 orphans, providing better sleeping accommodation and creating a study area to do homework and read which they so desperately need and don’t currently have.

  7. Besides focusing on the design and construction of a new building, the project will also benefit 21 orphans aged between 16 and 20, and the staff members at GLC, who will participate in social entrepreneurship training so they can start their own small businesses, giving them the opportunity to be self sufficient as well as raise revenue towards the operating costs of the orphanage so that it is less reliant on donors. You can take part in this social entrepreneurship training. If interested, please let us know.

  8. Help us develop learnings from this pilot project, and create a network of knowledge and people, so that this methodology can be replicated in Lesotho and other countries.


Closing date: 30 December 2017

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