Request for Proposal for Business Processes Consultants at Road Fund


The mission of the Road Fund is to finance road maintenance, upgrading and rehabilitation of roads network and road user safety programmes, aligning ourselves with Government policy, best business practices through motivated and committed professional personnel.

The Road Fund wishes to improve its internal and external business environment for it to ensure compliance, transparency, accountability and value for money in all its activities. To achieve this, the Fund requests proposals from suitably qualified Business Processes Consultants with extensive knowledge of Portfolio, Programme, Project Management and Document Management computer software.


Interested consultants will be expected to:
i. Understand and assess the internal processes of the Fund

ii. Understand and assess external environment processes

iii. Give an integrated view of Road Fund’s Processes

iv. Identify strengths, weaknesses and risks of the current system

v. Document and recommend optimized business processes for the Road Fund
vi. Recommend software that the Road Fund could use to achieve its objectives

Such proposals must indicate the capacity and capability of the Consultant and their methodologies and approach to the assignment.


Interested Consulting Companies should submit their applications with the following documentation.

i. Private Companies and other forms of business
ii. Curriculum Vitae of Directors

iii. Curriculum Vitae of the proposed expert/project team members.

iv. Company Profile including Traders License, Certificate of Incorporation, Location and Business Contacts.

v. Proposed approach and methodologies
vi. Financial Proposal

vii. Contact Details of a minimum three referees



i. Curriculum Vitae
ii. Application letter

iii. Proposed approach and methodologies

iv. Financial Proposal
viii. Contact Details of a minimum three referees

Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “Proposal for the development of business processes,” to:

The Chief Executive Officer Road Fund

1st Floor, Former Department of Rural Roads Building Cnr Moshoeshoe & Senate Roads, Maseru


Closing Date: 13 March 2017