Jobs, 28 July 2017


Hi Heroes! Jobs? Anyone? We hope you find this newsletter useful. Apply and all the best.


  1. Social Inclusion and Gender Specialist at VSO – 31 July 2017
  2. Social Accountability and Governance Specialist at VSO – 31 July 2017
  3. Food Security and Livelihood Project Manager at World Vision – 31 July 2017
  4. Warehouse Assistant at the U.S. Embassy in Maseru – 04 August 2017
  5. Personal Assistants x5 at NUL – 04 August 2017
  6. Secretaries x2 at NUL– 04 August 2017
  7. Accreditation and Compliance Officer at CHE – 07 August 2017
  8. 4 Positions at Ministry of Small Business Development, Cooperatives and Marketing – 07 August 2017
  9. Suspense Account Officer at Standard Lesotho Bank, Maseru – 08 August 2017
  10. Human Resources Head at FNB Lesotho – 10 August 2017
  11. Chief Executive Officer at FNB Lesotho – 10 August 2017
  12. Account Executive at Standard Bank, Maseru Mall – 11 August 2017
  13. 3 Vacant Positions at Lerotholi Polytechnic – 11 August 2017
  14. 5 Positions for LHDA Sub-Committees – 25 August 2017
  15. Pharmacy Technician at AHF Lesotho – Ongoing
  16. Area Sales Representative at Libra Marketing & Sales – Ongoing
  17. Head Academy Coach (Soccer) at Kick4Life F.C Lesotho – Ongoing


Job Search Tip of the Week

You can get SMAR down to the T, but if you do not actually include that T, it just will not do. Why? Because the vast majority of humans are lazy and live by the saying “What can be put off until tomorrow, shall be — we might not have to do it in the end.” Therefore, set a deadline for reaching this goal. Moreover, if relevant, set mini-deadlines for elements of that goal between now and the final deadline.

You may have heard of this method before. Some of you may be like me — I used to have tons of post-it notes and notebooks full of my SMART goals. Still, I did not do almost any of them, until I figured out…Read more on, How to Unleash Yourself in Just 2 Simple Steps.