Jobs, 01 September 2017

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Hi Heroes! It’s spring already and we hope you rocked those colourful outfits today. Too bad we haven’t heard many job openings spring up in the past 2 weeks but we’re hopeful and will keep an eye open for new opportunities. And for your jobs this week…


  1. Digital Humanitarian Systems Advisor at World Vision – 05 September 2017
  2. Assistant Representative at UNFPA Lesotho – 05 September 2017
  3. Project Nurse MNCH at SolidarMed Lesotho – 8 September 2017
  4. National Office Accountant at Habitat for Humanity – 8 September 2017
  5. Senior Local Consultant at LRA – 8 September 2017
  6. Junior Local Consultant at LRA – 8 September 2017
  7. Regional Manager at Standard Lesotho Bank – 8 September 2017
  8. Project Management Specialist (3) at LRA – 12 September 2017
  9. Joint USG/PEPFAR Chief of Party, Country Representative at PSI – 20 September 2017
  10. Deputy Rector Administration at LCE – 21 September 2017
  11. Technical Director at Jhpiego – Ongoing
  12. Program Management Officer at Jhpiego – Ongoing
  13. Civil Draughtsperson – Ongoing
  14. Pharmacy Technician at AHF – Ongoing
  15. Site Services Manager at Sasol Base Chemicals, Lesotho – Ongoing


Job Search Tip of the Week

Even in the startup world, where a talent gap means tech employees are in high demand, a solid resume is no guarantee of employment. Why? Because personality, cultural fit, and first impressions matter. The interview is your first and possibly only opportunity to stand out. It’s your chance to show an employer all the virtues that differentiate you. But I’ve found that many candidates struggle to move from simply repeating what’s on their resumes to actually demonstrating what makes them uniquely qualified. Read more on: What I Look for in Candidates Interviewing at My Startup.