Graduate Trainee-Business Banking at Standard Bank, City Branch


Job Purpose

  • To provide an efficient and a technically proficient administrative and support function to the Business Banking Suite.
  • To support Head Business Banking with operational effectiveness of the Suite
  • To take responsibility for high risk routine compliance, physical security of premises and bank assets, maintenance of premises & physical infrastructure, relationships with vendors and business partners, as well as cost management.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Focuses on tactical initiatives within the business unit to contain costs within agreed budgets to influence a continual improvement in the cost/revenue ratio and thereby sustain long-term profit growth
  • Monitors expenditure and recoveries against budget with emphasis on the containment of controllable costs, and explore opportunities for cost savings
  • Influences a reduction in controllable costs through involvement in the preparation and compilation of budgets with regard to capital expenditure, operating income and expenditure
  • Extracts expenditure reports from the shared drive to vet expenses that are processed through the General Ledger via Financial Shared Services Unit, and highlights anomalies.
  • Extracts recovery reports from the shared drive to ensure that recoveries in respect of private telephone calls, parking and utilisation of boardroom facilities are done.
  • Ensures that fees are recovered from customers for all items not covered by the monthly management fee.
    • Ensures overall operational readiness and efficiency of the Suite.
    • Ensures that premises are maintained in terms of housekeeping & general upkeep.
    • Reports incidents when necessary (carpets, wallpaper, lighting, roof leaks, etc.) and ensures that these are attended to.
    • Logs incidents for non-functioning equipment (fax, photocopier, etc.) via OPS Connect and ensures that these are attended to.
    • Systems Support & Branch Delivery System (BDS) champion – overall responsibility for system problems including hardware problems and
    • Escalates incidents via Systems Support Centre.
    • Controls and allocates laptops and ensure that Letters of Undertaking applicable to the allocation and usage of laptops are signed and controlled.
    • Responsible for the administration of profiles for Transactional Bankers.
    • Responsible for access cards, control of strong room / safes as well as alarm administration.
    • Accountable for shared drive and controls of shared drives.
    • Arranges for the physical infrastructure (desk, chair, computer, telephone, etc.) for newly appointed staff to operate
    • Applies for various application licenses for newly appointed staff (for e.g. E-mail, MS Office, Internet,)
    • Arranges for newly appointed staff to have access to the various system applications
  • Submits manual Staff Expense Claims authorized by Line Managers to Finance for processing.
  • Ensures that recoveries are done from staff for private telephone calls and parking, and from customers for fees not covered by the monthly management fee.
  • Co-ordinates leads for new business for the Suite.
  • Ensures that sufficient refreshments and consumables are ordered.
  • Maintains the Fixed Assets inventory, completes move sheets for relocation of items, ensures new equipment received is recorded, and obsolete equipment removed is deleted.
  • Updates the Distribution List on the Global Address Book/List
  • Controls and updates internal telephone lists.
  • Co-ordinates the booking of boardrooms and facilities, and invitations to clients for events.
  • Co-ordinates arrangements for functions set up the facilities required and recover payment for facilities.
  • Ensures that stationery including welcome packs, promotional items and business cards are ordered and distributed.
  • Maintains relationships with external vendors and business partners
  • Assists with the collation of information required for change initiatives and projects.
  • Visits sites under control of the Suite (in need and where applicable).
  • Maintains information on Security and access control system (SACS) for the relevant branch as per laid down procedure

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Relevant business qualification, e.g. B.Comm Accounting, General Accountant or higher
  • At least 3 years Personal & Business Banking experience in the Service and Support area People management experience

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Sound knowledge of bank’s laid-down policies and procedures relating to all areas under control.
  • Computer literate.
  • Knowledge of risk management principles and practices
  • Computer literacy  – BDS and Microsoft Office
  • Understanding and support of the bank’s multi-channel environment

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