Expression of Interest for Supply of Good and Services


This expression of interest is not an offer but an invitation to express your company’s interest and ability to provide goods and services to Habitat for Humanity Lesotho Office (HFHL) and be registered as potential vendor in HFHL Vendor Database for consideration for supplies for the current financial year FY18 and the new FY19 (from May 2018 to June 2019).


HFHL is in the process of reviewing and validating its Vendor Master Database for all business suppliers that were approved by HFHL some years ago and wish to request for the new submissions for the service lines listed below. All registered businesses and located in Lesotho are welcome to submit their expression of interest to Habitat for Humanity Lesotho Office in Maseru or e-mail such documents as directed below:

  1. Construction Services
  • Hardware Construction Materials
  • Building sands and concrete building blocks
  • User-friendly energy saving stoves
  • Individual Skilled Builders (to register their names with HFHL)
  1. Office Supplies
  • Office stationary including supply of cartridges
  • Office equipment, printers, photocopiers, computers
  • Office furniture
  • Advertisements services
  • Design and printing services
  1. Logistics services
  • Hotel, Lodges and B & B accommodation – Boarding & lodging with 3* grade status or equivalent
  • Workshops/Conferences venue
  • Catering – range of cuisines
  • Vehicle fueling services
  • Transport hire with the following
  • Vehicles in good condition ranging from 4X4 wheel drive, Quantum & Sprinter
  • Valid Insurance Policies
  • Good customer care


  1. Specialized/Professional Services
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Video Services (recording, editing, documentary)
  • IT services including maintenance of office internal server
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Building Architects
  • External Auditors
  • Legal Support Services.


Interested registered business dealers are requested to submit their profiles as expression of interest to supply HFHL with any of goods and services listed in this advertisement.  For your profile to be eligible for consideration, it MUST be accompanied by the following documents below:

  1. Company/Sole Proprietary Registration Documents
  2. Proof of Physical Address in Lesotho
  3. Valid VAT Certificate
  4. Trader’s License
  5. Proof of Financial Capacity

The business MUST be at least 3 years old operating in Lesotho.

Submission of these documents is opened for a period of month from March 2018 to 30th April 2018.  Must be submitted either electronic by email or hand-delivered to HFHL Offices, at Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) Building, 3rd Floor. Email Address: