Comprehensive National CRVS Assessment Consultant at UNICEF Lesotho


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Background of the consultancy

Despite many years of existence, civil registration systems have not been functioning properly in most African countries. As a result, most Africans are born and die without leaving trace of their existence and/or their characteristics on any legal or statistical record. Most Africans die of causes that are not known, making it almost impossible to monitor and manage morbidity and mortality on the continent. The consequences of lack of properly- functional Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems result in, among others, lack of adequately-disaggregated population data thus impeding proper national planning and monitoring of development goals and targets as set in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), inability to establish secure systems of identity of persons, lack of reliable vital records to validate electoral rolls in countries and ultimately poor systems of governance.


The second conference of African Ministers responsible for Civil Registration held September 2012 deliberated at length on various challenges that impede the functioning of CRVS systems in all African countries and commissioned strategies for their accelerated improvement. The ministers unequivocally acknowledged that the first step to reforming the CRVS systems would be to take stock of the current status of the systems in their respective countries through comprehensive assessments and development of concrete strategies and time-bound action plans.


The Ministry of Home Affairs (Department of National Identity and Civil Registry) and the Ministry of Development Planning (Bureau of Statistics) and UNICEF represented Lesotho in the above conference. The representatives of the Government of Lesotho (GOL) committed to conducting a comprehensive review of the CRVS system in Lesotho and to taking measures to improving the system.

How can you make a difference?

The Consultant will perform the following duties

  1. Develop a comprehensive roadmap with clear timelines on the finalisation of CRVS Assessment report and costed strategic Plan
  2. Review the draft CRVS Comprehensive Assessment Report in light of available documentation, including the assessment tool adapted for Lesotho, assessment data collected on each theme in the field, and any other relevant documentation that will inform process to finalise the CRVS assessment;
  3. Analyse available data and identify possible gaps for further investigation;
  4. Facilitate the consolidation of additional data;
  5. Prepare and submit thematic reports with the support of Thematic Teams;
  6. Prepare with support of Thematic Teams and Leaders, a Comprehensive Assessment report and the Strategic Plan;
  7. Facilitate the CRVS Assessment Report and strategic plan validation workshops;
  8. Finalise budget for review of CRVS report and development of CRVS Strategic Plan;
  9. Organise and co-facilitate launch meeting(s) to signal completion of CRVS system assessment process;


Expected deliverables

 The Consultant will be expected to deliver on the following:

  1. Inception report with roadmap;
  2. CRVS Assessment Progress report on consolidated assessment data derived from Thematic Groups;
  3. Draft 5-year National CRVS Assessment Report and Costed Strategic Plan;
  4. Final National CRVS Assessment Report and Costed Strategic Plan.


Duration and Terms of Payment

The consultant will submit an all-inclusive payment package covering three months starting 1September 2017 ending 31 Novemeber 2017 (3 Months). The assignment will be carried out as guided by the roadmap.


Desired background and experience of the Consultant

1.     Advanced university degree in Human Rights, Social Sciences or other relevant fields.

2.     A current / former employee of the agency responsible for civil registration and/or vital statistics and development of national strategic and development plans

3.     Have extensive experience (at least 5 years) in the development and management of strategic development plans  having:

o   Conducted systems assessment

o   Developed national strategic and development plans, departmental and institutional strategic plans

4.     Have knowledge / expertise in either of the following areas in their relevance and application to CRVS systems, is desirable:

o   Economics (Planning and Policy)

o   Statistics (Demography and Social Statistics)

5.     Be fluent in both written and spoken English

6.     Available for the period indicated


 Key Skills and Competencies

The candidate should have proven competencies in the following areas:



Team work


Planning and Organizing

Technological Awareness

Facilitation skills


To Apply: Interested candidates are requested to submit their Expression of Interest, Curriculum Vitae and UNP11 by July 28 2017 indicating their daily fee for this assignment in USD, CHF or EUR. An expression of interest without mentioning the fee would not be considered for further process.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

Closing date: 08 August 2017

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