Adansonia Acceleration Program 2017 for Young African Entrepreneurs


Benefits for entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa will have the opportunity to:

Take an online course on entrepreneurship
Learn to build a business and to get funding from investors in a new 6-week online course by Bocconi University and venture capitalists in Africa.

Make new connections and get feedback
Discuss your business ideas with fellow entrepreneurs from other African countries and make new connections.

Pitch to investors and get funding
Pitch to local and international venture capitalists who are interested in funding African startups and SMEs.

Learn more at a top business school in Milan
The most innovative and engaged participants will have the opportunity to travel to Italy for a brief business course at Bocconi University.


Who is eligible?

In the April–June 2017 program, entrepreneurs must satisfy three requirements:

Based in Africa
Participants must be based in Africa. It doesn’t matter where.

Have a business idea
Aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome. So are entrepreneurs with an existing business that they wish to expand.

Have an Internet-connected device
Be able to view videos and to run an application on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Join the May–June 2017 program

Participation in the program is completely free. To join the program:

1. First complete and submit the brief VC4A form below. To fill out this VC4A form, you must first log in with your VC4A account. (If you do not already have a VC4A account, you can create one below with the 1-click social signup.)
2. Then complete and submit the survey.

After completing both of these steps, you are in!



A number of investors have partnered with the Adansonia program. These investors rate the business proposals submitted by participants. Entrepreneurs with the top-rated proposals get the opportunity to pitch to these investors, and after the pitching event, the investors decide whom to invest in.


Closing date: 30 April 2017

Apply here!