Selibeng.com is an open platform that allows people to promote and or advertise their goods and services; mostly for free. By open we mean users don’t necessarily have to be registered to use the platform. Thus, the same features are available to all users of the platform. Local classifieds and forums – community moderated, and largely free. Selibeng.com acts as a classifieds website to service all Basotho by providing free classifieds. All content provided is user generated. We would not be here without you. The platform would be rendered useless if it were not for you posting the Ads or reading through them. We want to keep Selibeng open to all.   We allow all site user to list and share content with other site users. Classifieds posted on the website are set to expire within a certain period. This is to avoid clutter and keep the platform with fresh and new content. We also want to help our users to avoid spam.     DISCLAIMER: Unless specified, Selibeng.com is not in any way affiliated with any of the listings or posts featured in this website. The material provided here is solely for informational purposes. Visitors are advised to use the information at their own discretion.