8 Takeaways From Advocate Mary Bosiu’s New Book, Success Fundamentals Vol. II

Article by Relebohile Sera


Success Fundamentals Vol. II is not a jargon-filled book, but a piece in which everyone can easily relate. Adv. Bosiu provides wisdom-filled words while also sharing her life experiences to inspire and enrich each reader with the wisdom of someone who has seen worse days.

She takes you through her life story of how she grew up, without a sense of self-worth and faced with heaps of insecurities threatening to utterly consume her. She uses the book as an avenue for sharing some of the principles that took her out of that pathetic inferiority complex.

It is a very short, three-part book, with eleven chapters and about a hundred pages which you can finish within a matter of days.  Not only is it an inspirational read but also a road-map to success. It will help you unleash the potential within, either personal or organizational, and provides easy steps towards success in everyday life.


Useful quotes from the book:

  1. Life will bring people, circumstances and situations that will drain your positive energy. When that happens, fight! Consider yourself as a warrior for your success.
  2. “You need to develop a strong faith in what you are meant to be. Remember that faith can move mountains whilst doubt can actually create them.”
  3. “Your mind works with that which you feed it. Whatever you plant within it will germinate and eventually take root.”
  4. “Avoid being critical about who you are. Serve an eviction notice to all the negative self-talk so that it can vacate your mind.”
  5. “That which you fear or worry about usually starts off as a trickle. And if that trickle is allowed or encouraged to grow, it can expand into a storm that will bombard you. “
  6. “Break the fear through taking action. Become so busy dealing with the source of worry that you will eventually have no time to worry.”
  7. “Avoid worry words and conversations that are focused on doom and gloom. Joining self-pity parties or generating your own party and then inviting others to join will only deepen your emotional wound.”
  8. “Don’t allow the bright future to which you are entitled be scorched on the altar of conformity and the usual, that is, the altar managed by well-meaning and loving critics.”


Adv. Mary Bosiu, a lawyer by profession, has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, serving on the executive committees of corporate giants, namely Lesotho National Development Corporation and Lesotho Electricity Corporation. She owns a consultancy company which offers motivational workshops.

She has provided training initiatives, won awards related to her motivational initiatives, served as program director and keynote speaker in Lesotho and beyond, and authored the inspirational book Success Fundamentals Volume 1 and its translation, Fehla Katleho le Khotso ea Hau.

She has facilitated e-mentoring sessions for participants from countries such as Lesotho, RSA, Swaziland, Mozambique, Senegal, Nigeria, Malawi, Benin and Zimbabwe under a program powered by Global Business Roundtable, focusing on personal development.


Image Credit: Success Fundamentals Vol. 11